Celebrating 22 Years of  Collaborative Public Performances

Our 2019-2020 Season

What an amazing, talented group of performers. I am honored to have witnessed their performance as they portrayed "Stories of Resilience".... WOW--- so meaningful, heartwarming and definitely a light in my day, week, month. I am inspired and looking forward to their next performance.

I encourage all to attend!

~ Executive Director, Family Education and Support Services, Olympia WA

Up until the outbreak of Covid-19 we held our Public Performances at our Home of 22 Years, Traditions Cafe in Olympia.

We will be hosting our performances online. Our dates, themes, collaborators and online registration will be announced in September 2020.

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I admire and deeply value the work you are doing in and for our community. Thank you for creating space each month to share our truths and listen. It is so needed! And thank you for amplifying the work of other nonprofits in the process.

      ~ With Gratitude, Elaine of Window Seat Media

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