Our Compassionate Action Project (CAP)

Thank you for sharing your beautiful art form with us. Watching my students open up and share painful experiences presented more insight into how dificult their lives truly are. I enjoyed watching the interpretation by the actors. The actors, themselves, with struggles of their own offer such humbling interpretation.

~ North Thurston 5th Grade Teacher

As An Ensemble We ...

           ~  Use Playback Theatre and other interactive theatre techniques as tools for community building, education, and social change.

            ~  Provide affordable performances for the public and those who lack resources.

            ~ Are a community resource and share our artistic skills.

            ~ Empower communities and individuals by providing a forum for their stories to be shared, heard, and honored.

          ~ Maintain a high level of artistic quality and integrity by providing ongoing training for our performers.

Our Upcoming Public Performance

In collaboration with

Tenino Young at Heart Theatre


In-Person -- Friday, MAY  20th 6:30pm

New Traditions Cafe - 300 5th Avenue SW

(downtown Olympia)

Thank you for all your tremendous support particularly throughout the pandemic, bringing people together - providing a safe space to be vulnerable; to grieve; to laugh and everything in between.

Chris - Senior Services

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